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Food-tank cleaning specialists in Lleida

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about us

In Jordana, we are specialists in cleaning and vaporizing food-tanks, containers and pulvurulent tanks since 1985. We offer to dry inside as well as sealing and ATP tests with luminometer, filters, etc.

We have two systems with highly qualified personnel working from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. without interruption. 

We are controlling the critical parameters of cleaning (temperature, cleaning agent, water pressure and washing time). 

The installations are equipped with the system CleanSecure in order to monitor the quality of the cleaning process and it has got a modern purification system to minimize the environmental impact. 

We are members of ENFIT and we are evaluated according to SQAS. 

We received the certification KOSHER for the cleaning of food-tanks. 

Contact or visit us and consult us without any obligations. 

We are at your service in the town of Tárrega (Lleida). 

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Carrer del Xaloc, 19 Pol.Ind. Riambau 25300 Tàrrega Lleida
Carrer del Xaloc, 19 Pol.Ind. Riambau 25300 Tàrrega Lleida
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